Financial Information


Billed in 10 equal installment starting with August and ending with May’s payment. ($25 charge for late payments)
Grades TK- K (half-day)        $3,800
Grades K-8 (full day)              $5,100

Registration Fees

                                                $250 (includes $50.00 application fee)

Comprehensive Fees

Simi Valley Adventist School charges an application fee for new families and a re-enrollment fee for current families each year. This fee is used as part of the ongoing operational budget for each school year. The fee is charged separately from tuition to account for the expenses incurred with re-enrollment or applications that are distinct from normal operations. Additionally, these fees are used to offset expenses in operational systems such as classroom supplies, school information system, ITBS testing and communications systems. Those fees are:
Grade TK-2                         $40
Grade 3-5                            $65
Grade 6-7                            $215
Grade 8                               $255


Seventh-day Adventist annual discount $100
Multiple children discount 10% off regular tuition starting with 2nd child.

Worthy Student Applications Due May 1.  Please click on the link below for the application.